Psychologist and Speaker, Dr. Shannan Crawford, has invested her life in developing a therapeutic model to help identify and remove blocks, enabling those she serves, to thrive as they discover and fulfill their purpose. Her strength is tailoring her approach to each setting and strategically equipping people with the insights and skills needed to foster personal, professional, and relational joy.

Through her professional practice and speaking events, Dr. Crawford brings a vibrant energy and delivers insight in an easy-to-understand style to some of life’s toughest topics and issues to empower listeners to achieve freedom from self-limiting behaviors. She and her team are passionate to help you overcome the pain of your past, to help you become a more effective leader, to help you thrive in your relationships, and to connect you to your true self. A fresh start is within reach, and your journey starts here.




Dr. Shannan Crawford speaks at events ranging in size from large conferences to small niche events. Regardless of event or organization, Dr. Crawford is consistently ranked as an audience favorite with powerful messages that leave a lasting impact on attendees.


Through humor and relatability Dr. Crawford has a gift for making complex inner-workings of the soul and relationship dynamics clearly identifiable and provides actionable strategies to resolve long-standing struggles.

“Too many people have spent years beating themselves up, either not knowing what to do or knowing what to do, and, yet not being able to successfully implement it through will-power alone. People perish from a lack of knowledge, and it is my hope to equip people with the knowledge and tools they need to experience true transformation. My mission is to help remove frustration and discouragement in order to restore hope by instilling practical strategies needed to cultivate an abundant life.”

- Dr. Shannan Crawford



When it comes to your mental and emotional wellness, you need an ally that has your best in mind. As a seasoned clinical psychologist with the highest level of training and experience, Dr. Shannan Crawford has developed a hybrid approach, both dealing with deep personal issues such as past trauma and optimizing your strengths to help you thrive.


Dr. Crawford’s ability to cultivate a safe and compassionate environment while encouraging vulnerability and growth empowers clients to transform their internal and external habits to fulfill their purpose and invest in meaningful relationships.

“I believe in the resilience of the human spirit, and I work from a positive-psychology orientation. I believe that the combination of psychodynamic insights and freedom-tools help disentangle people from the maladaptive imprints of the past so they can be free to discover who they are and what life they want to build. Many have described me as a trustworthy ally helping them confront their most challenging painful moments and celebrate their greatest victories.”

- Dr. Shannan Crawford



Leadership Development is tailored to helping the leader thrive and have the desired impact to accomplish their greater vision. Being an effective leader requires continually investing in oneself. Dr. Crawford has the training to help leaders maximize their impact by overcoming their own self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.


Dr. Crawford connects leaders to the strategies needed to equip team members with attainable vision and enduring passion. She enjoys empowering seasoned and emerging leaders to overcome internal and external limitations, including self-sabotage, people-pleasing, and difficult interpersonal dynamics, in order to achieve and maintain a healthy leadership culture.

“People perish where there is no vision. Leaders have an innate capacity to create vision for those they lead, and yet many leaders feel stuck in patterns of self-sabotage. It is my purpose to restore clarity and cohesion to the vision and execution of the leader’s efforts and role.”

- Dr. Shannan Crawford

Dr. Shannan Crawford’s Upcoming Events

  • Group Practice Physician Retreat: June 28, 2019

  • Brazil Youth Conference: July 11-12, 2019

  • Mumbai India Youth Conference: Sept. 12-13, 2019

  • AACC international conference panel speaker: Oct. 10-12, 2019

  • Cary North Carolina Women’s Retreat: Nov. 8-9, 2019