Focus Areas


general audience topics

• “Knowing Yourself and What You’re Called to: steps to identifying your purpose.”

• “Maximize Your Influence: recognizing your influence where you are.”

• “A Love Built to Last: keep past from undermining your relationships.”

• “A Life of Legacy: developing a lifestyle for enduring impact.”

• “Grow the Leader Within: practical strategies to cultivate your potential now, so you are ready when doors open.”

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mental health audiences

Psychology, counseling, medical field events/Trainings

As a clinical psychologist herself Dr. Crawford enjoys offering Psychological trainings for mental health practitioners. With years of clinical experience and expertise she has synthesized the cumulative insights from diverse theoretical orientations to create the Restoring Self Cohesion (RSC) model of therapy. Dr. Crawford is frequently invited as a speaker for mental health associations and medical organizations. Staying up to date on new practices and techniques is vital to the service of clients and patients. Continuing Education trainings are available for large settings and Dr. Crawford can provide on-site training and consultations.

Mental and Medical Health Talks:

  • “Restoring Self Cohesion (RSC): training and certification for mental health practitioners.”

  • “Improving God Image: therapeutic interventions to help Christian clients cultivate their faith by resolving past projections and enactments.”

  • “Restoring the Sense of Self: A holistic model for restoring internal cohesion for chronic and complicated psychological disorders”


church & ministry audiences

Dr. Shannan Crawford has dedicated her life to mining the hidden gems in psychology that help people learn how to apply practical strategies to steward their thoughts, emotions, behaviors and relationships in ways that are healthy and congruent with their faith. She has spoken for various churches, conferences, retreats, small groups, women’s events, and pastoral ministry and leadership teams. Her passion is helping individuals learn how to utilize psychological tools to identify and remove enactments and projections hindering them from meaningful relationships. The tools and curriculum that she has created equips individuals to develop and experience a deeper relationship with God, family, and community, enabling greater positive impact within their sphere of influence.

Church/Ministry Audience Topics:

• “Living in the “Not-Yet”: utilizing seasons of delay to invest in your future.”

• “Emotional Intelligence in Ministry: how to lead from a healthy soul.”

• “In this Life You will Have Heartache: how to develop a secure faith relationship that withstands trials and transitions.”

• “Trusted with True Riches: keys to faithfully stewarding your life, your relationships, and your calling.”

• “Cultivate Spiritual Vitality: strategies to resolve the past to experience God’s heart toward you today.”

• “Thrive: Learn strategies to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout.”

• “Enjoying Relationship with God: Remove projections of past authority figures in order to enjoy relational intimacy with the Lord.”


leadership development audiences

Originating from a long family-line of successful entrepreneurs and business owners, Dr. Crawford, a business owner herself, is saturated in practical learned leadership-experience. She has honed unique strategies to enhance the effectiveness of leadership. As the innovator of the Restoring-Self-Cohesion (RSC) model, she assists audiences in navigating common obstacles including self-sabotage, procrastination, self-limiting behaviors, and lack of work-life-balance found in themselves and in those they lead. Her message helps groups and organizations cultivate a healthy culture of innovation, productive interpersonal dynamics, and the adaptability to recognize and successfully pivot in advance of market change.

Leadership & Business Audience Topics:

  • “Mastering Self-Success: keys to overcoming glass ceilings, self-sabotage, inertia, and double-mindedness.”

  • “What Business School Never Taught You About Leadership: the profitability of mastering emotional intelligence in business.”

  • “Gravitas: become the decisive leader you’ve always wanted to be.”

  • “Revitalize: Learn how to prevent, and come back from, burn-out to reinstall vision, passion, and vitality in your work.”

  • “Leading up: how to influence from wherever you are.”

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