Leadership Consulting

A business problem is a leadership problem.

The leader sets the cultural tone of an organization.

The success of an organization is greatly dependent upon the health of the leader. A strong leader offers guidance, structure, dependability and models resilience, adaptability, emotional health, and work-life-balance to the team. Under stress, even a great leader can offer inadequate leadership. Inadequate leadership produces counterproductive efforts, diminishing profit, deflated team morale, and frequent turnover. Dr. Crawford’s training, wisdom, and experience helps leaders cultivate the emotional intelligence and self-awareness needed to identify and overcome blind spots in themselves and in their teams.

Dr. Crawford is the innovator of the Restoring-Self-Cohesion (RSC) approach. RSC is adapted specifically to assist leaders in navigating common leadership obstacles including self-sabotage, procrastination, self-limiting behaviors, and lack of work-life-balance. The objective of RSC is to equip leaders with the tools they need to model a healthy culture of growth, adaptability, and productive interpersonal dynamics within the team.

Business coaching emphasizes the success of the business, while leadership consulting is investing in the success of the leader. Investing in the leader yields greater longitudinal success, productivity, health, and vitality of the organization. Great leaders are passionate to influence and improve the world. Yet, passion does not imply that a leader knows how to resolve internal conflict, overcome fears and insecurities, and identify and resolve self-sabotaging patterns that undermine team collaboration. Resolving the leader’s internal limitations restores health and vitality to the organization, thus, streamlining the advancement of the vision’s influence.

There truly are not enough wonderful things to say about Dr. Shannan Crawford. Her positive, genuine and caring attitude is evident and consistent with every encounter I have had with her. Her professional experience and expertise clearly and concisely pinpoint the areas that require further coaching to ensure my lasting success. Shannan’s personal and custom consulting has equipped and empowered me to create measurable positive results in personal and professional areas. She has changed the way my family and I live and see life on a daily basis. Do not miss a single opportunity to be guided by Dr. Crawford’s discernment and wise counsel.

-Business Entrepreneur, Sarah Mitchell