Therapy Overview

Dr. Crawford tailors therapy to meet your unique needs and practices in a way that celebrates who you are intended to be, with the goal of empowering you with the tools, skills, and knowledge you need to overcome the challenges and obstacles that have hindered you from thriving in life. The goal of therapy is to help you remove obstacles so you can fulfill your greater purpose and enjoy the life you've always dreamed of!

Dr. Shannan Crawford is an incredibly gifted, insightful, and seasoned clinical psychologist with the highest training and experience. Holding her doctorate in clinical psychology, with years of clinical practice, she is the innovator of the Restoring-Self-Cohesion model of therapy, a specialized approach tailored to the needs of the client; combining psychodynamic orientation, tools of positive psychology and faith-based freedom techniques.

She has years of experience in helping individuals resolve childhood trauma, strengthening self-confidence, cultivating healthy relationship dynamics, and helping people identify and pursue their life purpose. Dr. Crawford has specialized training in providing grief counseling for individuals experiencing loss, divorce, and/or family estrangement. She especially loves helping people navigate pivotal transitions including pre-marital counseling, expecting a child, loss of a child, preparing adolescents and their families for college, and empty nest transitions.

“I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Dr. Crawford personally and professionally and I wholeheartedly recommend her. Her effervescent personality and genuine warmth, combined with a deep understanding of psychological processes and effective paths to healing are an essential combination. Dr. Crawford’s ability to personally connect with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and her genuine care for others are apparent in all her interactions. Embarking on a journey of self-growth through therapy can feel daunting at first, thus meeting with a psychologist who exudes these traits and has the training and expertise in psychology and spiritual growth is invaluable.” 

- Sarah Reiner, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist


More information on how Dr. Crawford views people:


I believe the Lord has wired every human with innate survival mechanisms that serve to protect us when we are threatened, vulnerable, and experiencing, real or perceived, physical trauma, emotional trauma, and/or neglect. Some of the deepest pains are the ones with no bruise in which the soul carries the scars of rejection, abandonment and the neglect of emotional needs. The field of attachment research illuminates the damage of parenting that is not emotionally attuned with the developing child, from in utero to infancy, and throughout childhood, as there are critical windows of attachment needing to be met throughout childhood. For more information short video click here and longer more thorough video click here.

Our amazing defense mechanisms do their job helping us survive through difficulties, pain, trauma, disappointments, abuse, neglect etc. and I am grateful we have them. However, defense mechanisms, while a blessing during a trauma, in everyday life, undermine daily functioning and lead to symptoms that make us act and feel crazy. For most of us, we do not know how to turn off our defenses after the threat has been removed, or, in many cases, the defenses activated so young that you become so accustomed that you think, "that's just how I am."

After trauma and prolonged stress the body needs a recovery period. However, active defense mechanisms continue to tell the body that the threat is still present, thus leaving the body & psyche in a state of chronic fight/flight; with hyper-arousal (over responding to benign events), ruminating, catastrophizing (when the mind defaults to the absolute worst case scenarios), insomnia, and other such anxiety symptoms. Remaining in the fight/flight state for a prolonged period depletes the body which often develops into adrenal fatigue, can develop into leaky gut, candida overgrowth, hypertension, heart problems, and other such stress-related health conditions. Being chronically "worn out" "fatigued" and experiencing "low motivation" "poor concentration problems" etc. are depressing in and of themselves and without treatment may develop into depression.

Every thought you have produces a neurochemical electric and chemical reaction that releases into the brain and body the corresponding emotions. For instance, if you have a thought of impending doom about a situation, your body will release the emotions of impending doom. Our thoughts feel true to us, no matter how crazy they are, because there is a feedback loop in which emotions inform the brain that the thought must be true because it feels true.

If not worked on, painful events often lead individuals to develop unhealthy and maladaptive thought patterns that, when unchecked, entrench into maladaptive mindsets. Over time, these maladaptive mindsets falsely inform our perception of everything, especially our relationships. Faulty perceptions, built on mistrust, negatively impact how we relate with ourselves, with others, and even in how we relate with God. Again, the negative feedback loop works in such a way that our negative beliefs often develop into self-fulfilling prophecies in which we unknowingly play a role in confirming our existing beliefs by how we relate with others.

With enough confusion in our thoughts and bodies we tend to withdraw from relationships and manage them poorly. This withdrawal deepens feelings of isolation and loneliness. When people come to this place of feeling "stuck," HOPELESSNESS and HELPLESSNESS set in and it is hard to imagine things getting better...

This is where Dr. Crawford's experience, knowledge & compassion come in.

Reaching out and getting help is the first step toward recovery, because it is admitting, "I need help", "I cannot do this alone", "everything I have tried has ended with me back in the same situations time & time again."

Dr. Crawford is a gifted therapist who has successfully counseled many people who feel "stuck", hopeless, alone, anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed. She has a kindness and genuineness that helps her clients experience peace as they feel burdens and heaviness fall away, and hope and joy emerge as they gain insight, tools and skills necessary to get "unstuck" and to stay "unstuck"! Countless individuals, couples, and families have experienced profound change, freedom, and empowerment as they have experienced Dr. Crawford's excellent holistic care.

Today is the beginning of the rest of your life, making the choice to move forward with making the investment into your yourself, your relationships, and your future can begin today with your free phone consultation with Dr. Crawford.

For more information, check out this article written by Dr. Crawford.