Speaking Overview

National and international speaker, Dr. Shannan Crawford’s engaging personality, wealth of knowledge, and innovative insight, have produced so much favor that she has become a beloved speaker frequently invited to return for conferences and retreats. Her sweet spot is empowering and equipping business entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, not-for-profit forerunners, and women’s groups with the internal grit necessary to fulfill their purpose and leave behind a vibrant legacy that enriches the world.

Dr. Crawford pours her heart into preparing for every speaking engagement and sees value in each individual. She puts forth the same passion and energy into every talk, no matter how big or small. Dr. Crawford believes that one person, living in their full potential, can change the world. Whether someone is investing in children as a stay at home parent, or starting a non-profit or business venture or leading a ministry or working in a corporate setting, everyone has a sphere of influence. Yet few recognize the magnitude of their potential impact. The greatness within many is dulled by internal blocks, self-limiting beliefs, lack of knowledge, and crippling fears.

Dr. Crawford wholeheartedly believes that as people remove internal blocks and self-limiting thinking, their innate capacity to influence the world for good will shine brilliantly. Irrespective of whether a janitor or a corporate leader, when an individual is convinced of their inherent worth and awakened to their life purpose, they are able to accurately perceive the magnitude of their influence. This awareness causes people to live intentionally, joyfully, and strategically, even amidst inevitable challenges and seasons of life feeling lackluster. Dr. Crawford believes it is in these seasons of overcoming obstacles and remaining faithful amidst mundane routine that substance and character are forged.

Perception is everything. Many people find themselves stuck because they are resisting rather than growing through a character-forging season. Dr. Crawford desires to help people develop the ability to accurately perceive and successfully navigate through life seasons, helping them perceive their current choices as an investment into their long term joy and purpose. Dr. Crawford equips audiences with the tools needed to identify faulty beliefs, restore empowered perceptions, and develop a growth mindset. She aspires to cultivate and bring out the best in others so they can optimally thrive and create a ripple effect that has the potential to leave an enduring legacy.

Dr. Crawford invests hours preparing for and tailoring dynamic and invigorating talks for each audience. Her passion is seeing people free of self-sabotage, able to thrive in their relationships and in their calling! Listed below are a few topic ideas that she can tailor to your organization’s needs. Dr. Crawford can provide a needs assessment to identify the topics and trainings most beneficial to the team/organization. She is also experienced in television, radio, blog, internet based media, and written interviews and discussions.

To invite Dr. Crawford to be a guest on your platform, you can get in touch here.


What Others Have Said

“Dr. Shannan Crawford is one of the most gifted and entertaining speakers I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. Her wit and wisdom, combined with a passion to transform lives is what truly sets her apart. My life has grown exponentially as a result of her teaching. She is one of the best! I have had more than one breakthrough by listening to Dr. Crawford. I highly recommend her.”

-Grace Tornik, conference audience member

“Dr. Crawford is an enthusiastic, articulate, and passionate speaker. Her confident, yet humble leadership communicates her love for God, her love for people, and her desire to bring light and life to all who receive her message.”

-Whitney Daugherty, Global Advance Esther Initiative Coordinator

“I’ve known Dr. Crawford for many years, and she is as passionate and energetic as she is insightful and brilliant. She is a gifted communicator with an amazing ability to take complex ideas and topics and break them down in a way that makes them accessible and applicable. If you’ve not had the opportunity to hear her speak, you owe it to yourself to remedy that.”

-Anthony Knighton, Television writer and producer

“Dr. Shannan Crawford is a dynamic speaker who conveys the heart of God through her compassionate insightful messages that bring hope and healing. She captures the character of Father God by exemplifying His love and conveying His heart through an authentic, practical, and relevant delivery.”

-Dr. Patricia Stevens, Educator

“Dr. Shannan rocked the house with her dynamic presentation at my business retreat! Everyone absolutely loved her speaking style. She has a unique ability to captivate the heart and soul of audience members with engaging and relevant content that left them wanting more! She is an expert at breaking down hard concepts into easy how-to’s that audience members can apply. Dr. Shannan is a top-notch speaker that I highly recommend!”

-LaDondra Hervey, Business Coach and Event Founder


Speaking FAQs

How do I put in a request for Dr. Crawford to speak at an event?

To request Dr. Crawford to speak at an event, this link can provide you with information regarding her upcoming talks, availability, and booking information.

Do you have a mentoring or professional development program?

Dr. Crawford’s team is in the process of developing a mentoring and internship program. Contact the office for more information regarding these programs Hello@DrCAssociates.sprucecare.com.

Upcoming Events

  • Next Generation Youth Conference: Cultivating Healthy Leadership

    When: September 11-15, 2019

    Where: Mumbai, India. Private Event.

  • AACC Conference Pannel Speaker: Rising Up to Address Current Women’s Issues in The Church: The Experts Sharing

    When: October 10-11th, 2019

    Where: Hyatt Place Nashville Opryland

    To register: http://www.worldconference.net/registration-prices/

  • Legacy Events Conference: Being A Leader of Influence, Inheritance, and Impact. Using RSC to Lead from a Healthy Soul

    When: November, 8-10, 2019

    Where: Cary, North Carolina. USA

    To register: email events@legacycenterchurch.org

Recent Past Events

  • Alive At Last: Trauma Training Using Restoring Self-Cohesion (RSC) Approach to understand complex trauma

    When: June 8, 2019

    For more information regarding the event and attendance, please contact: Alisa@AliveAtLast.org

  • Mental Floss: Understanding Mental Health, Mental Illness, Stress, &

    Coping Mechanisms in a Dental Practice

    When: Wednesday, May 22nd 2019

    Where: Ft. Worth, TX

    For more information regarding the event and attendance, please contact:

    Partha Mukherji at pmukherjidds@gmail.com

  • Nameless Collaborative Magnitude Retreat: Producing Enduring Organizational Success: RSC Strategies to Cultivate Emotional Intelligence in your Leadership

When: May 3rd-5th of 2019

Where: Broken Bow, OK. USA

  • CAPS Regional Conference: Restoring Self-Cohesion (RSC) Approach for Complex and Complicated Trauma

    When: February 8, 2019

    Where: Grapevine, TX. USA

  • Medical Physicians Retreat: Positive Psychology Insights To Reduce Burn-Out and Restore Career Vitality

    When: June 28th, 2019

    Where: DFW, TX. USA

  • Next Generation Youth Conference: Leading From, and Cultivating Heathy Identity, Influence and Impact

    When: July 12-13, 2019

    Where: Porto Alegra, Brazil